Developing Medical Directors in Clinical Directorates

-- Oxford M.Phil. Thesis, LIK MUI (



Part I: Introductory Materials
1.  Introduction
2.  Background Literature
3.  Methodology

Part II: The Medical Director Role
4.  Study Framework
5.  Research Findings
6.  Analysis and Discussion

Part III: Developing Medical Directors
7.  Analysis Framework
8.  Organizational Development
9.  Individual Development

Part IV: Conclusion
10.  Conclusion


Part V: Appendices

1: Quotations
2: Questionnaire Design
3.1: Interview Letter
3.2: BAMM Questionnaire
4: Interview Schedule
5: Sample Transcript


Thanks for visiting my M.Phil. thesis site!  This thesis was made possible with collaboration with BAMM, Oxford Templeton College, and my advisor Dr. Sue Dopson..

This site contains my M.Phil. Thesis on developing medical directors in clinical directorates which was completed in June of 1997.  Research and findings here concern the British National Health Service (NHS).  For research methodology, please consult Chapter 3.

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NOTE: Due to the slightly unconventional organisation of this thesis, this page serves as a guide to the various parts of this thesis.  Two main themes are addressed in this thesis:  (1) assessing the current state of the MD role — Part II of the thesis, and (2) evaluating development issues for both the MD post and for those who become MDs — Part III of the thesis.

QUOTATION:  “Quote” is used throughout the thesis to indicate a reference quotation in Appendix 1 of the thesis.

SECTIONAL DIVIDE:  The three stars “*   *   *“ in a stand-alone row is used in this document to separate concluding remarks from the discussions of the current section.

LITERATURE REVIEW: Chapter 2 provides the general background materials for this thesis.  The beginning part of Chapter 4 provides the literature review for Part II while the beginning part of Chapter 7 provides the literature review for Part III.

DISCUSSION: Chapter 6 discusses the analyses and findings for Part II; Chapter 9 discusses the analyses and findings for Part III; Chapter 10 contains the discussions for the analyses and findings in the thesis as a whole.


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