Duane Steward, D.V.M., M.S.I.E., Ph.D.

10521 Via Del Sol
Orlando, FL 32817

Cell Telephone (preferred): (407) 230-6081
SAIC Office Telephone: (321) 939-7912
Home Office, FAX & Home Telephone: (407) 671-3458


Hands-on Director/Architect position with a software engineering team of co-contributors interested in making an impact on clinical medicine and research. Seek outlet for applied “knowledge-based systems” technology interests. I want to enable folks to accomplish what they thought they were incapable of.


·          Project Manager for multimillion dollar multinational projects leading integration and archival of Clinical Study Inventory data (GMP regulated) for merging international pharmaceutical companies.

·          Re-factored and re-engineered mechanics of immature code with minimal interruption to service and revenues as architect/Senior Director for Gartner Incorporated, Maitland, FL

·          Built web based securities donation tool for small startup as CTO and Chief Architect for AssetStream, Corporation, Woburn, MA

·          Designed and implemented XML meta-tagging/import of textbook content published online integrated with interactive community modules, associated with e-commerce for WebCT, Lynnfield, MA

·          Clinical data warehouse front-end development using standardized nomenclature for research at Harvard Hospitals as consultant for Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA

·          Dissertation written on an automated method for eliciting the values of medical patients used in medical decision making while fulfilling requirements for Ph D in Computer Science at M.I.T.

·          Authored a complete paperless medical record system as a practicing veterinary clinician—integrated with multiple software tools resulting in comprehensive veterinary workstation, 1985-1990

Recent Work Experience

February 2003– present

Principal Bioinformatics Engineer for Scientific Applications International Corp., Celebration, FL

March 2001 – January 2003
Senior Director for Garter Incorporated, Interactive Technologies Group (ITG), Maitland, FL

December 1999 – February 2001
Chief Technical Officer and Chief Architect for AssetStream Corporation of Woburn, MA

April 1999 - November 1999
Senior Software Engineer for WebCT (formerly Universal Learning Technology, Incorporated)

December 1998 - April 1999
Consultant for Massachusetts General Hospital, Laboratory of Computer Science development team for Partners Healthcare, Boston, MA

September 1998 - June 1999
Visiting Scientist for Clinical Decision Making Group, Laboratory for Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

September 1997 - October 1999
Research Associate for Division of Nephrology, Department of Medicine, New England Medical Center, Boston, MA

Jan 1983 - July 1994
Veterinarian for 750 patients in 400 households dba At Home Veterinary Services, Tallahassee, FL

Clinical Experience:

Veterinary Medicine, Companion Animal, Equine, Aquatic and Exotic Animal practice

General Practice of surgery and medicine (FL Licensed since 1980)

Clinical Practice Management (Stationary Hospital and Small Animal Housecall)

Veterinary Technologist Training and Management

Veterinary Hospice and Euthanasia Patient Services

Human-animal Bond Research Review and Application Consulting

Veterinary Telemedicine and Referral Informatics

Research on Human Patients:

Preferences of Renal Failure Patients in Dialysis Clinics

Preferences of Emergency Department Patients regarding Treatment for Stroke

Sophisticated Technologies within background

·          Decision Theory and Analysis

·          Utility Assessment in applied Decision Theory

·          Expert Systems

·          Repertory Grid

·          Rough set theory

·          Automated rule induction

·          Machine learning (esp. C4.5 and C5 algorithm)

·          Advanced AI and Knowledge-based systems

Technical skills

Hands on Enterprise Architect/Developer experienced with:
Java, J2EE, Web Services, SOA, n-tier model II web application design and implementation, Java Server Pages, Swing, JavaMail, JMS, J++, UML, Use Case Analysis, Axiomatic Design, planning/execution of full software life cycle in regulated (GxP) and non-regulated contexts, Tomcat, Apache (James, Axis, Ant, Log4J), Java Expert System Shell (JESS), XML, HTML, CSS, simulation software, Slamsystem/Slam II, Dynamo, C, Scheme/LISP, DOS, Windows, OS2/Warp, MacOS, DevTrack, SourceSafe, MS Project and critical path analysis


·          SAIC Project Manager II training

·          CFR 21 Part 11 Training and other Pfizer internal GxP training

·          Ph.D. in Computer Science, Sept. 1998; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Ma.

·          Medical Informatics Research Training Fellowship, Clinical Decision Making Group, 1994-8; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard-MIT Division of Health Science and Technology (HST), Cambridge, Ma.

·          Informal Fellowship 1997; Division of Clinical Decision Making, Informatics and Telemedicine, New England Medical Center, Boston, Ma.

·          M.S.I.E. Dec. 1994; College of Eng., Fla State Univ, Tallahassee, Fl., Computer Science minor

·          D.V.M. 1980; College of Vet Med, University of Fla., Gainesville, Fl.

·          B.S. 1976; Florida State University, Tallahassee, Fl, Biology Major


·          Advisory Board member for St. Petersburg College, Veterinary Technology Program.

·          Business Plan Technical review and Needs Assessment for Ken Lian, DVM, CEO & President, Vet.Net, 1999

·          Hospital Information System Needs Assessment for Tufts University School of Veterinary Med., Grafton, MA. 1998

·          Computer Records and Claims System Review for Veterinary Pet Insurance, Inc., Anaheim, CA. 1998

·          Technical Designer for Marketing Media Management Tool Development, Marchitect, Inc., Waltham, MA.

·          Veterinary Informatics Consultant for Veterinary Information Network February 1991 – present

·          Systems Analysis & Information Technology Consultant to MSPCA Angell Memorial Veterinary Hospital (limited exploration) July 1996


For more … publications, references, and curriculum vitae at:  http://medg.lcs.mit.edu/people/duane/cv.html