EECS Undergraduate Advisor Statement

Starting in Fall 1996 I began serving as an undergraduate advisor for the MIT EECS department. My advisory self-description for the departmental list handed out to students is as follows:

My main research interests are in artificial intelligence, philosophy, logic, economics, and mathematics, but I have strong side interests in history, biography, theology, physics, literature, people, writing poetry, composing music, and playing viola. I know a bit of Russian and a bit more of German. When I was a grad student here, I frequented the MFA, LCS movies, went sailing and hiking, and cooked black forest cakes. After graduating, I worked at Stanford and CMU, and grew to enjoy long cross-country exploratory driving vacations, spending lots of time in Wisconsin, Montana, and Texas (native Texan, c'est moi). Since returning to MIT, I married and had children, and my family (and my house, sadly), have displaced most of my hobbies on my schedule, at least for the moment, though I do help out at church. I'm on the web at

I've advised a number of graduate students at MIT and elsewhere, but am new to undergraduate advising at MIT. My own undergraduate education was fairly nonstandard (I dropped out of high-school), and view what you learn as more important than exactly how you do it.

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