Section I

Conference pictures and my research group

Stanford, CA. March 1996. [Left to right] Jim Fackler, Tom Russ, Pete Szolovits, Zak Kohane, Duane Steward, Kang Wang, Chris Tsien.
San Francisco, CA. March 1996. [Starting left and moving clockwise around the table] Kang Wang, Milos Hauskrecht, Pete Szolovits, Chris Tsien, Tom Russ, Jim Fackler, Zak Kohane.
Washington D.C. October 1996. CHIP and MEDG packing the "Magic Bus" in preparation for the return trip from AMIA Fall Symposium to Boston.
South Pomfret, Vermont. October 1997. MEDG and CHIP visit Talbot House for a research retreat.

More of my research group pictures.