Hamish S F Fraser MBChB, MSc, MRCP

Director of Informatics and Telemedicine, Partners In Health

Assistant Professor, Division of Social Medicine and Health Inequalities, Brigham and Womens Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston

Faculty, Childrens Hospital Informatics Program

Research affiliate The Clinical Decision Making Group, MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Visiting lecturer the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa

I am a physician trained in general medicine and cardiology in Edinburgh, Scotland and now specialize is medical informatics. I now focus on information systems to support health care in developing countries. I have been fortunate to work with an amazing group of people at Partners In Health, creating new possibilities for health care in developing countries.

Current Projects

Developing electronic medical records to support the treatment of drug resistant TB and HIV in developing countries
I direct a project that has built a web-based medical record system and data analysis tools to support the treatment of drug resistant Tuberculosis in Peru, Haiti and Russia. The system currently supports the management and monitoring of over 2000 patients in treatment in Peru and 50 in Haiti. We have developed tools to search for patterns in the bacteriology results for these patients and to graph this data on the web in a manner suitable for low-bandwidth connections. Extensive tools are provided to track the use of medication and predict future requirements. The system also provides tools to manage clinical data and digital images of X-rays. I am performing clinical evaluation studies of the system, including the impact of medication order entry by nurses on data quality.

I am now developing a Web based medical record system to support the treatment of HIV patients in rural Haiti. The first stage system is now operational and collecting data in very remote sites via satellite Internet links. Abstract. There is a discussion paper on my approach to the use of medical informatics to support health care in developing countries here.

Developing and evaluating low-cost store and forward telemedicine for use in developing countries
A related project (TeleMedMail), with my colleague and former student Darius Jazayeri, is a system to facilitate store and forward telemedicine in developing countries. It allows users to import images, modify them and add clinical data. These cases are then compressed, encrypted and emailed to the specialist. Alternatively, the archive can be sent to a server and the specialist then views these over a secure web connection. This system is operating in South Africa and a pilot project of its use for HIV management is being set up. I have also performed an evaluation of the diagnostic quality of digital images of X-rays acquired using a low cost digital camera with my former student Agnieszka Szot (full text). We have a short guide to photographing X-rays with a digital camera. The code for the TeleMedMail client program is available from the Sourceforge open source software site.

Educational director for the only African degree course in medical informatics, in Durban South Africa
This course started enrolling students in January 2003 and is part time with students attending for intensive one month blocks every 6 month plus work assignments at home. It is being run by the new department of telehealth at the Nelson Mandella Medical School lead by Prof Maurice Mars and with colleagues Dr Donnie McGrath and with the support and participation of Prof. Peter Szolovits the head of the MIT Clinical Decision Making Group.

Fellowship project: evaluating the Heart Disease Program
I designed, set up and performed a clinical trial of the Heart Disease Program with physicians (mainly residents) at the New England Medical Center. We developed the user interface as a Web site to allow physicians to access the program over the Internet. 114 cases were directly entered by participating physicians and 50 entered over the Internet from around the world, many by cardiologists. The program showed better sensitivity than the resident physicians who entered the cases. I also developed new software tools and analyses to allow comparison of the performance of programs such as the Heart Disease Program that produce differential diagnoses. A paper on this is comming out in JAMIA in July 2003 (full text) . The Heart Disease Program can be tried out on the web

Research Interests:

Outside interests

Photography, travel (I have lived in the UK, USA and Japan and visited 38 countries so far...), SCUBA diving, canoeing, sailing, hill walking, wildlife and conservation, cooking Scottish food including (the first?) kosher haggis, politics, a variety of ethnic music and dance, not all of them Scottish, figuring out what to do with 250,000 air miles...

Selected publications (updated December 2004)

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Additional publications

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Academic physicians are affected by specific failures of postgraduate training
Fraser HSF
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