HST.950/6.872 Problem Set 3

Due 9/30/2004

A 60 year old man has been found face down, and dehydrated. You are one of a team of assistants working with a the genomic diagnostician. He gives you the following sequence:


Your assignment is to determine if this sequence might inform her about the cause of the presentation. In answering the question:

a) What part of the genome is this?
b) What diseases are associated with it? Is it an unusual variant?
c) In which other organisms is this kind of sequence found? Are there model organisms to study this variant?

Document how you arrive at these answers.

Note: Please give the results in your own words. Simply copying text from a web page won't demonstrate that you understand the material. You can (but don't have to) use either hyperlink, copied text or screen shot to illustrate your searching procedure, though.