6872 Spring 1998

Date Topic Lecturer Readings Presentations
03-Feb Introduction/Medical Decision Making Kohane/Ohno-Machado Shortliffe&Perrault, Chap. 3,4 Introduction  
05-Feb Decision Support 1 Ohno-Machado    
10-Feb Decision Support II Ohno-Machado     
12-Feb DxPlain Barnett    
19-Feb Machine Learning I Tsien/Fraser   1)LR Lecture  
2)Decision Trees
24-Feb Decision Support III Kohane Knowledge Acquisition by Anaysis of Vertabim Protocols, Kuipers et al.; AI in Medical Diagnosis, Szolovits et al.; A Mathematical Model of the Human Body, Coleman   Model-Based Decision Making 
26-Feb DSS IV Ohno-Machado  
03-Mar Database Basics I Kohane The datamodel of MUMPS globals, Wiederhold;  Database Basics I 
05-Mar Database Basics II Kohane A Simple Guide to Five Normal Forms in Relational Database Theory, Kent Database Basics II 
10-Mar Data Modelling Kohane Generic Data Modeling for Clinical Repositories, Johnson   
12-Mar Database-backed web development Greenspun    
17-Mar Bayesian Systems TBA - Ohno-Machado    
19-Mar Mid-term Exam      
31-Mar Telemedicine I Safran    
02-Apr Temporal Reasoning Kohane    
07-Apr Telemedicine II Friedman    
09-Apr Early Medical Information Systems Barnett    
14-Apr Vocabulary Cimino    
16-Apr Nursing Informatics Zielstorff    
23-Apr Privacy I Kohane    
28-Apr Privacy II Sweeney    
30-Apr Large system in use Teich    
05-May Bioinformatics TBA - Kohane    
07-May Privacy III Halamka    
12-May Student Reports      
14-May Student Reports      

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