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All email addresses are the letters highlighted above, followed by

Lab Alumni

  • Alexander Bahr (currently Research Scientist at EPFL)
  • Andrew Bennett (currently Associate Professor at Olin College)
  • Mike Bosse (currently Research Scientist at CSIRO)
  • Cesar Cedena (University of Zaragosa)
  • Ryan Eustice (currently Assistant Professor at U of Michigan)
  • Jacob Feder (currently at Deutsche Bank)
  • John Folkesson (Research Scientist, KTH)
  • Luke Fletcher (currently at Boeing, Australia)
  • Richard Heller (currently at Sandia Labs)
  • Been Kim (currently a Ph.D. student in the MIT Department of Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering)
  • Sung Joon Kim (currently at Bain and Co.)
  • Jacques Leedekerken (currently at Oracle)
  • Hunter McClelland (currently Ph.D. Student at Virginia Tech)
  • John McDonald (NUI Maynooth, Ireland)
  • David Moore (currently at Dreamworks)
  • Paul Newman (currently Reader in Engineering Science, U. of Oxford)
  • Edwin Olson (currently Assistant Professor at U of Michigan)
  • Georgios Papadopoulos (currently a Ph.D. student in the MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering)* Richard Rikoski
  • Christopher Wallsmith (currently Chief Technology Officer, Bluefin Robotics)
  • Aisha Walcott (currently in the MIT MISTI Spain program)
  • Matt Walter (currently Research Scientist in the RSVN Group, MIT CSAIL)

Former UROPs

  • David Anderson
  • Christopher Boyd
  • Taylor Gilbert
  • Christopher Peters
  • Keja Rowe
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