StackTrack: An Automated Transactional Approach to Concurrent Memory Reclamation
In this talk we present the StackTrack algorithm that uses hardware transactions to automate concurrent memory reclamation. [full paper]

Reduced Hardware NOREC An Opaque Obstruction-Free and Privatizing HyTM
In this talk we present the idea of reduced hardware transactions, where we use a mix of hardware and software transactions in order to implement a much more efficient Hybrid Transactional Memory protocols. [full paper]

Pessimistic Sotware Lock-Elision
This talk introduces a new approach for non-speculatively replacing read-write locks with pessimistic (i.e. non-aborting) software transactional code that allows read-write concurrency even for contended code and even if the code includes system calls. On systems with hardware transactional support, PLE will allow failed transactions, or ones that contain system calls, to preserve read-write concurrency. [full paper]