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LB Amp plates





  1. Make ``LB Agarose'' liquid. Find Agarose in cabinet, and add to LB liquid in bottle (1 liter LB, 40 g agarose, or 15 g/liter agar technical). Shake hard to dissolve the agarose in LB.
  2. Make sure caps are loose. Autoclave for 30 min tex2html_wrap_inline4605 . Before autoclaving, make sure water level is sufficiently high (below flat carving, above round carving). Autoclaving will take approx 1.5 hours.
  3. Thaw filtered ampiclin (100 mg/ml).
  4. Cool bottle to tex2html_wrap_inline4609 (with a water bath).
  5. Aliquot Amp to achieve 100 tex2html_wrap_inline3245  /ml final concentration. Shake well.
  6. Pour 30-35 ml into each plate.
  7. Stack on top of each other to avoid condensation. Let cool until solid tex2html_wrap_inline4615 .
  8. Optional: incubate plates with top partially off tex2html_wrap_inline3219 for 1 hour to get rid of condensation.

Ron Weiss
Wed Feb 10 15:48:08 EST 1999