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by KELLY RICHMOND, Trenton Bureau
The Record, August 29, 1996

CHICAGO -- . . . A national survey conducted earlier this month found that not only is the Democratic platform more stringently pro-choice than most voters, its stance is not even supported by most Democrats.

A Washington Post/ABC News survey found that only 22 percent of all voters and 25 percent of Democratic voters agree with the platform's position that abortion should be legal in all cases. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus five percentage points.

. . .

New Jersey Democrats concede that their platform's abortion plank is not supported by most voters.

"I know that, and I'm happy for that,"said Zulima Farber, a convention delegate and president of New Jersey Abortion Rights Action League."I don't think the party should always reflect what the majority believes. There's an issue of leadership here, of leading people in a certain direction."

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