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The Pivot of Civilization online edition courtesy of American Life League

The Pivot of Civilization

by Margaret Sanger (founder of Planned Parenthood)

To Alice Drysdale Vickery
Whose prophetic vision of liberated womanhood has been an inspiration

``I dream of a world in which the spirits of women are flames stronger than fire, a world in which modesty has become courage and yet remains modesty, a world in which women are as unlike men as ever they were in the world I sought to destroy, a world in which women shine with a loveliness of self-revelation as enchanting as ever the old legends told, and yet a world which would immeasurably transcend the old world in the self-sacrificing passion of human service. I have dreamed of that world ever since I began to dream at all.''

—Havelock Ellis

Introduction—By H. G. Wells

Chapter 1—A New Truth Emerges

Chapter 2—Conscripted Motherhood

Chapter 3—"Children Troop Down from Heaven"

Chapter 4—The Fertility of the Feeble-Minded

Chapter 5—The Cruelty of Charity

Chapter 6—Neglected Factors of the World Problem

Chapter 7—Is Revolution the Remedy?

Chapter 8—Dangers of Cradle Competition

Chapter 9—A Moral Necessity

Chapter 10—Science the Ally

Chapter 11—Education and Expression

Chapter 12—Woman and the Future

Appendix—Principles and Aims of the American Birth Control League

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