Last updated 3 May 1998

Jonathan Rees's projects list

Degrees: PhD EECS MIT 1995, SM EECS MIT 1989, BS Computer Science Yale 1981 (transferred from University of Michigan). Postdocs: Cornell Computer Science 1991-92, University of Sussex Neuroscience 1995-96.

Following is my projects list. I look here if I forget what I have been doing.



Programming language projects


Field work

I am currently employed at Crystaliz, Inc., West Concord, MA, where I have been working on various projects having to do with software intended to support collaboration. I'm now starting a project on data warehousing and query over XML documents. (My take on XML: If Java is a weak reinvention of Lisp's semantics, then XML is a weak reinvention of Lisp's syntax.)

However, I would prefer to spend my time doing something that relates to biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, or pretty much anything that's more durable than software infrastucture. Software applications that help people who are doing these things count, but infrastructure in itself generally teaches us nothing and is obsolete and forgotten in a few years. I am not prejudiced against exceptional pure-software projects, but am not aware of any at present. Please contact me if you know of a situation in which I might do something interesting.

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