Old phonograph records, 1901-1923

This is a collection of old 78 RPM phonograph records that sat round for many years in my parents' house. For each recording, there's a JPEG image of the record label, a WAV file, and an MP3 version that has been filtered and has noise removed. The WAV is the raw digitization, noise and all.

Technical and legal information

1901Der Freischütz (selections) (MP3) (Label) (WAV)Columbia BandWeberColumbiaA104
1901Il Trovatore - El Miséréré (MP3) (Label) (WAV)Columbia Ensemble Band (Cornet and Trombone duet)VerdiColumbiaA104
1905La Cinquantaine Polka (Bell Solo) (MP3) (Label) (WAV)Chris Champan (with orchestra)WaldteufelVictor46603
1910Toreador et Andalouse (from "Bal Costume") (MP3) (Label) (WAV)Imperial Russian Balalaika Court OrchestraRubensteinVictor600393
1910Amoreuse (MP3) (Label) (WAV)Royal Military Band VeigerPopularP121,2
1910Casse Noisette (MP3) (Label) (WAV)Royal Military Band TschaikowskyPopularP122
1915Light Cavalry Overture (MP3) (Label) (WAV)Popular Guards Band SuppéPopularP5411,2
19151812 Finale Overture (MP3) (Label) (WAV)Popular Guards BandTschaikowskyPopularP5412
1915Post Horn Galop (MP3) (Label) (WAV)Band of the British GuardsKoring (Koenig)PopularP5802
1915The Jolly Coppersmith (MP3) (Label) (WAV)Popular Combined Bands PeterPopularP5801,2
1917A Perfect Day (MP3) (Label) (WAV)Elizabeth SpencerCarrie Jacobs-BondVictor18250-A
1917Love's Dream After the Ball (MP3) (Label) (WAV)Elizabeth SpencerCzibulkaVictor18250-B
1920Margie (MP3) (Label) (WAV)Frank CrumitDavis, Conrad, and RobinsonColumbiaA3332
1920I'm a lonesome little raindrop (From the Greenwich Village Follies of 1920) (MP3) (Label) (WAV)Frank CrumitHanleyColumbiaA3332
1921Ten little fingers and ten little toes (MP3) (Label) (WAV)Irving KaufmanSchuster and NelsonColumbiaA3477
1921Dapper Dan (MP3) (Label) (WAV)Frank CrumitVon TilzerColumbiaA3477
1921You've made a chicken of your mother (But you can't make a goose of me) (MP3) (Label) (WAV)Nora BayesBurtColumbiaA3471
1921Saturday (MP3) (Label) (WAV)Nora BayesBrooksColumbiaA3471
1921Vamp Me (MP3) (Label) (WAV)The Bar Harbor Society OrchestraByron GayVocalionB14448
1921Carolina in the Morning (MP3) (Label) (WAV)The Bar Harbor Society OrchestraKahn-DonaldsonVocalionA14448
1921Salut d'Amour (MP3) (Label) (WAV)Margaret McKee (whistler with orchestra)Edward ElgarVictor18755-A
1921Invitation - Waltz (MP3) (Label) (WAV)Margaret McKee (whistler with orchestra)Anita OwenVictor18755-B
1922True Blue Sam (The Traveling Man) (MP3) (Label) (WAV)Frank CrumitDonaldsonColumbiaA3705
1922Toot toot tootsie! (Goo'bye) (MP3) (Label) (WAV)Al JolsonKahn, Erdman & RussoColumbiaA3705
1922Toot-Toot-Tootsie (Goo-Bye!) (MP3) (Label) (WAV)Emil Coleman & His Montmartre Orchestra Kahn, Erdman & RussoVocalionB14446
1922Tomorrow (I'll be in my Dixie Home Again) (MP3) (Label) (WAV)Emil Coleman & His Montmartre Orchestra Roy Turk-J. Russell RobinsonVocalionA14446
1922Swanee Bluebird (MP3) (Label) (WAV)The Benson Orchestra of Chicago (under the direction of Roy Bargy)Cliff Friend - Con ConradVictor18924-A
1922Just Because You're You (That's Why I Love You) (MP3) (Label) (WAV)All Star Trio and Their OrchestraRoy Turk-J. Russell RobinsonVictor18924-B
1922Say It While Dancing (MP3) (Label) (WAV)The Benson Orchestra of Chicago (under the direction of Roy Bargy)Abner SilverVictor18938-A
1922I'm Just Wild about Harry (from "Shuffle Along") (MP3) (Label) (WAV)Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra Sissle-BlakeVictor18938-B
1922Tricks (MP3) (Label) (WAV)Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra Zez ConfreyVictor18939-B
1922Suez (MP3) (Label) (WAV)Clyde Doerr and His OrchestraFerde Grofe and Peter deRoseVictor18947-A
1922I Wish I Knew (You Really Loved Me) (MP3) (Label) (WAV)Clyde Doerr and His OrchestraSpencer-Anderson-BryantVictor18947-B
1922Toot, Toot, Tootsie! (Goo-Bye!) (MP3) (Label) (WAV)The Benson Orchestra of Chicago (under the direction of Roy Bargy)Kahn, Erdman & RussoVictor18954-A
1922Do I -- Do I Love Her? (MP3) (Label) (WAV)The Benson Orchestra of Chicago (under the direction of Roy Bargy)Harry AkstVictor18954-B
1923Fate (It Was Fate When I First Met You) (MP3) (Label) (WAV)Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra Byron GayVictor19016-A
1923Lady of the Evening (From "Music Box Review") (MP3) (Label) (WAV)Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra Irving BerlinVictor19016-B
1923Aunt Hagar's Blues (MP3) (Label) (WAV)The Virginians (under the direction of Ross Gorman) W.C. HandyVictor19021-B
1923Aggravatin' Papa (Don't You Try to Two-Time Me) (MP3) (Label) (WAV)The Virginians (under the direction of Ross Gorman) Roy Turk-J. Russell RobinsonVictor19021-A
1923Way Down Yonder in New Orleans (MP3) (Label) (WAV)Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra Creamer-LaytonVictor19030-A
1923Dearest (You're the Nearest to My Heart) (MP3) (Label) (WAV)Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra Harry AkstVictor19030-B
Table entry footnotes:
1 Sound quality is poor.
2 Recording date is a guess.
3 Single-faced record. Click on the superscript link to see the reverse side label.
4 This recording dates from 1901, according to Bray, The Columbia Master Book Discography, and was reissued when Columbia began selling double-faced records in 1908.

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