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Professional Activities

My company is Bentz Engineering, LLC. We do software engineering with an emphasis on artificial intelligence, good user interface design, database systems, data mining/machine learning, and 3D visualization.



My Pages On This Site
Ideas Some ideas and musings for your consideration and amusement.
Rants I've put together some comments on various things which annoy me which I can't particularly change... some of this might be amusing.
Humor Over the years I've received many jokes, etc., usually of the over circulated Internet type. In order to make them accessible to friends, I've tossed them in a barely organized form here.  Enjoy them at your own risk.
BZFlag I enjoy playing the open-source, cross-platform game BZFlag (usually under the name "The Purple Panzer". This is a page with background information, maps, etc.
Banshee sailboat The Banshee Class National Association web page.
Bentz genealogy Pages relating to the Bentz family.
Resources The page I use as my starting page, with many links broken out by section (and a Table of Contents at the top).

Pages Elsewhere You Might Like
Research tools Useful research tools - a nice page for fast dictionary, encyclopedia, or other common lookups.
General web resources of quality My reference page.
WIRED article on MIT hacking An article  in which I make a brief appearance with my name misspelled.  (For further information on my involvement with MIT hacking many years ago, see also the octagon description, or the T.H.A. writeup.)
Gallery of MIT hacks The M. I. T. Museum's hacking pages.
Resources Lots of useful links by category.

Contact Information

If you need to FTP me something, it can go in my Public FTP Directory, but you should let me know first so that I can turn off write protection.  I don't want to leave it open for possible use as temporary storage by God knows whom.

I've dropped the "mailto:" tags because of the volume of spam that results from people scraping them from web pages. However, my email addresses are:


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