Debian packages for the HP OmniBook

Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 is released as of this writing. For new installations on OmniBook computers, I recommend using Debian 3.0. The packages here, except for the kernel packages, are needed only for the older Debian 2.2. To use the kernel packages in a Debian 3.0 system, add the following line to your /etc/apt/sources.list file:

deb woody main

In order to simplify the installation of Debian on this machine, I've built an assortment of pre-configured packages that fix some of the problems I've encountered getting Debian working on this machine. These packages are all built for a Debian 2.2 system.

The primary thing provided here is a custom-configured Linux 2.4 kernel package. Please note that Debian 2.2 requires several package upgrades to use Linux 2.4. To that end, I have back-ported the necessary packages from the Debian "woody" distribution, and those back-ported packages constitute the bulk of what is here. In addition to the kernel and its supporting packages, there are two new packages, laptop-net and oss-preserve, that provide features new to Debian.

(Another source for kernel 2.4 support packages is here. Adrian Bunk is doing a more professional job of keeping the packages updated and patched. But his packages aren't specifically for the OmniBook.)

If you'd like to have these packages automatically updated, add the following line to your /etc/apt/sources.list file:

deb potato main
deb-src potato main

Note that this archive keeps only the most recent versions of each package; older packages are here.

As an added bonus, add the following lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list file to get XFree86 4.0 packages for Debian 2.2. The packages solve the problem of video corruption after resuming from hibernation. Note well: these are not general-purpose XFree86 packages, but have been trimmed and adjusted for the OmniBook 500 and 6000 computers. The packages include an XF86Config file specifically for these machines.

deb potato main
deb-src potato main
OmniBook 6000 task-omnibook-6000_1.13_i386.deb new package loads other packages for 6000
OmniBook 500 task-omnibook-500_1.13_i386.deb new package loads other packages for 500
Linux 2.4.19 kernel-image-2.4.19_cph.1_i386.deb patched for touchpad access, booting from USB floppy, and preemption; .config
PCMCIA utilities pcmcia-cs_3.1.27-0.cph.1_i386.deb backport from unstable
Wireless tools wireless-tools_20-0.potato.1.1_i386.deb backport from unstable
APM daemon apmd_3.0.2-0.cph.1.1_i386.deb patched for various features
Ethernet laptop-net_2.3-0.cph.1_i386.deb new package
Touchpad tpconfig_3.1.2-0.cph.4_i386.deb backport from unstable
Preserve mixer settings oss-preserve_1.1-0.cph.1_i386.deb new package
Mount w/NFSv3 support mount_2.10s-0.cph.2_i386.deb backport from unstable
NFS utilities nfs-common_0.3.2-0.cph.1_i386.deb backport from unstable
NFS server nfs-kernel-server_0.3.2-0.cph.1_i386.deb backport from unstable

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