GNU/Linux on HP OmniBook Laptops

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This page covers the use of the GNU/Linux operating system on Hewlett-Packard OmniBook laptop computers. However, it is also intended to be a resource for making OmniBook laptops run GNU/Linux as well as possible, in the following ways.


Mailing List

I've created an OmniBook mailing list to encourage discussion about these machines, and (for now) specifically to address issues regarding the use of GNU/Linux on OmniBooks. Anyone can subscribe to the list; go to the subscription page to sign up. (Or send an email to with the word "subscribe" in either the subject line or the message body.) The list is archived, and the archive is viewable as a web page.

General information:

HP-specific information:

Other OmniBook 6000 pages:

Other OmniBook 500 pages:

Drivers for specific components:

Power management:

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