CFP96 Plenary Session

Before the Court: Can the US Government Criminalize Unauthorized Encryption?

This CFP session will be an appeal of the following (fictional) decision:
Argued February 29, 1995 Decided December 25, 1995

No. 953213


Appeal from the United States District Court
for the District of Runymeade
(No. 95-CFP-60318)

Thomas Emerson, Chief Assistant Federal Public Defender, with whom Thomas Paine, Federal Public Defender, was on the briefs, argued the cause for appellant. Charles P. Zenger, Jr., Assistant Federal Public Defender, entered an appearance.

John Adams, Assistant United States Attorney, with whom Aaron Burr, United States Attorney, and George Hannover, III, Assistant United States Attorney, were on the brief, argued the cause for appellee. Thomas Hutchinson, Assistant United States Attorney, entered an appearance.

Before: AXSMITH, FROOMKIN, and MITCHELL Circuit Judges.

Opinion for the Court filed by Circuit Judge MITCHELL.

FROOMKIN, Circuit Judge, filed a concurring statement.

AXSMITH, Circuit Judge, filed a dissent.

Appendix: The Cryptography Control Act of 1995

CFP96 feaures a moot appeal of the above decision:

Brief for the Appellant

Brief for the Respondent

Bench memo

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