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Student Proposals, Winter-Spring 2006

Applications are due by November 15, 2005.

iCampus is currently accepting student proposals only. The call for faculty proposals closed in October.

Over the past five years iCampus, the MIT-Microsoft Alliance for research in technology-enhanced education, has awarded almost two million dollars to support projects proposed and carried out by MIT students. iCampus awards are $30,000 per project (plus any necessary MIT overhead).

iCampus student projects are ambitious, innovative efforts -- conceived and carried out by MIT students -- that demonstrate the use of information technology to enhance MIT education, improve the quality of MIT student life, or make an impact on the world at large.

Projects iCampus has supported include:

Preliminary proposals for student projects that will begin in spring semester 2006 are due on November 15, 2005. Submit proposals using the form included on this web page. Shortly after the due date, we will invite selected preproposals to submit final proposals, and work with them to help them shape their proposals to be more competitive. Final proposals will be due by December 1, and funding decisions will be announced before the end of the fall semester.

iCampus student project guidelines

We are seeking ambitious and innovative proposals: efforts that involve more than just one or two people, and that go on for at least a year. We are especially interested in projects that involve student organizations (such as the GSC, the UA, or SIPB) that would be willing to keep the work alive after the original participants have graduated.

Projects should adhere to the following guidelines:

Some things you might propose

Here are some suggestions of things that might be suitable for funding. These are just suggestions. They are not meant to limit you in any way:

Questions to be answered in preliminary student proposals

Submitting proposals

Proposals will be accepted by email only. To submit a proposal, download the application form from the following link:

iCampus student project application form


If you have questions, please send mail to icampus@mit.edu