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Re: Scheme pre-R6RS Workshop at ICFP - What is the Point?

I would go a step further than Sperber and request the following.
It's clear to a "newcomer" like me, from some of the discusions over
the past two years, that there are some topics which have indeed been
discused ad infinitum.  Unfortunately, the substance of these
discussions has been lost to us.  If someone feels particularly
strongly about a topic -- eg, as Bawden feels about records -- perhaps
they could write a small document listing the pros and cons, both to
avoid repetition and to help the newbies come up with a better
proposal if they feel so inclined.  (I'd be happy to provide the
documents a good central home on the Web.)  Otherwise, statements like
"we first voted down [...] 10 years ago" are unfortunately more
frustrating than informative.

Perhaps these design decisions are already documented somewhere.  If
so, I'd appreciate a pointer, as I suspect would others who, like me,
feel hemmed in by a history that is writ large but not written down.