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Re: Scheme pre-R6RS Workshop at ICFP - Call for Participation

   From: Kent Pitman <kmp@harlequin.com>
   Date: Sat, 23 May 98 11:18:54 EDT

   Why isn't this a Scheme Authors meeting?

Because it isn't.  I would like to get a roomfull of people talking
about possible extensions to Scheme.  I don't want to organize a
Scheme Authors meeting (it's too much work and too exclusive).
If you or anyone else wants to have a Scheme Authors meeting, go
ahead and organize one.

There are lots of people who are interested in Scheme, especially
users, who are not on this list.  I would guess that many are not
even aware of its existence.

   By what authority does one of us accept strawman proposals for R6RS

None at all.  This meeting has no official standing of any kind
(I'll add this to the web page).  It's just a workshop for talking
about extensions and changes to Scheme.  I used `strawman' to
emphasize the unofficialness of the proposals and to encourage
people to talk about what interested them, even if they don't have
a polished proposal.

   Can I decide to have a meeting at a nearby Burger King and
   accept strawman proposals from anyone who comes?

Sure.  The more meetings where people talk about Scheme the better.

   Put a different
   way--why aren't we just open for proposals generally--do people have
   to come to a meeting to make a proposal?

The web page states that proposals are encouraged from everyone,
including people who are not attending the workshop.  And anyone
who wants to can send a proposal to this list at any time.

   And if we ARE open to
   proposals generally, what is the semantic value of associating said
   openness with this workshop other than to make it confusingly appear
   that by going to the meeting you'll have a better chance of influencing
   things or that by missing the meeting you'll miss your chance to influence

By going to the meeting you will have a better chance of influencing
people at the meeting.  My intent is to encourage discussion of new
ideas and proposals, both at the meeting and on this list.  The
proposals will be available to all and can be discussed at the meeting,
on this list, on comp.lang.scheme, or at your local Burger King***.

As long as no votes are planned or group decisions are made, I don't
see any reason to make the meeting official or to exclude anyone.


*** This does not constitute an endorsement of Burger King by the
organizers of this workshop.