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Re: Fixing null-environment and scheme-report-environment

   From: Kent Pitman <kmp@harlequin.com>
   Date: Tue, 17 Feb 98 17:21:35 EST
   Cc: rrrs-authors@martigny.ai.mit.edu, kmp@harlequin.com


   To the extent that this issue is separable from the other I raised (which
   I think is "only somewhat") this is better.

   But I still think the reference to 'the specified report' makes the
   whole thing a mess because of the out-of-bound attempt to say what
   other implementations will do.  I would still prefer the wording that
   did not refer to 'the specified report' and instead referred only to
   'this report'.  Let other reports speak for themselves.

   Was there a problem with my proposed alternate style?  Is there a reason
   that mentioning the behavior in other implementations we don't control is
   important to do?

The problem is that your proposal alters the intent, and it's
too late to do that for R5RS.  Minor changes to the wording to
make the intent clearer are okay, but that's all.