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Re: tail recursion (was Re: a (revised) draft of R5RS)

>>   (3) What really bothers me is ...

I didn't mean to sound so grumpy this morning.  Sorry about that.

GJS writes:

> Not two kinds of call sites, but two kinds of evaluation contexts:
> those that create new continuations and those that do not.  (And we have
> to talk about the nature of the continuations that are created.)

I was trying to avoid too much jargon in the introduction.  In
particular, I wanted to avoid talking about continuations and
evaluation contexts, however, feel free to contribute improvements to
the text.  Consider the text an initial proposal.

In a private conversation, Will suggested that the text be modified so
as not to restrict implementations as much as it does as written.

In any event, I think the Scheme standard should include text
somewhere that talks about tail calls.