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a (revised) draft of R5RS [vs ALGOL 60 report]

Incidentally, I was recently looking at the ALGOL 60 report and noticed that
the wording of some of the first page things in 4.0 were not as parallel in
style to the report as they could be (and perhaps once were).  Maybe just some
wording drift by someone who didn't know the wording had been carefully chosen
for this obscure purpose.  If you have an ALGOL 60 report laying around and
you compare the wording of its paragraphs to the wording of the present scheme
report, you'll see what I mean.

This is truly editorial and has no material effect, which means I'm sure 
there will be huge amounts of discussion and many people happy to waste hours
getting it right. ;-)  If you want me to be more specific, I can dredge out
my documents again and give you more specific comments.  I don't have time to
do this at this instant--so I'm sending this as a placeholder ....

I did not check 4.96 to see if it has repaired these things but I
assume it has not [and didn't see it in the list of changes].