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Change of email address

Dear everybody,

[If you don't know who we are, please ignore this message and accept our
apologies.  This is a mass mailing to everybody in our email address directory]

This email is to inform you that as per today, our old email addresses
"biep@cs.vu.nl" and "xerox@cs.vu.nl" are no longer valid.  On the 9th of
January we hope to leave for Cameroon as missionaries (with Wycliffe Bible
Translators), and until further measures are taken we will only be reachable
indirectly by email, through Arie Haasjes (ahaasjes@knoware.nl).  Please
indicate in the Subject: line that the message is meant for us.

Please remove our addresses from any mailing lists we are on, unless you are
pretty sure we would like to stay on them, and try to be brief in emailing
us, as we will probably have to pay the (intercontinental) telephone call
necessary to get the email across to Africa.

Any further information can be got from Arie Haasjes (ahaasjes@knoware.nl),
who DOESN'T have to pay for incoming mail.  Those of you who would like to
receive our free news letter (in Dutch or English) can also ask him to be
put on the mailing list.

Greetings from

Evelin and Biep Durieux
Ch. Durieux             Email: durieux@worldonline.nl
P.O.B. 8131             Fax on demand 
1802 KC Alkmaar         BBS on demand
The Netherlands