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Re: Why would anyone want opacity?

|   all languages are defined with constraints, and in able to express anything
|   useful in them, you have to work with those constraints. so what is special
|   about that? maybe you just mean "constraints different than the ones i know
|   and love" and that is fine of course...

> you seem have a habit of making arguments ad-hominem.  I will not
> otherwise reply to this.

so what is ad hominem in saying your argument seems to ultimately boil
down to everything you have internalized and therefore prefer? i do not see
what precious distinction you think you are drawing from the constraints of
these two languages. perhaps i do not know enough about ML. it is strange
that it gets everyone's goat so much so that gerald sussman mows down
those "intellectual crutches" and you talk about educating "thinkers
instead of idiot savants who cannot think" etc.

since you comment on my argumentation, permit me to return the favor:
it seems that arguing with you is like waltzing with a fire-breathing dragon.
clumsy and dangerous undertaking at best. you can never be sure when the
dragon will get a bone in its throat, and cough... and never, ever
step on its toes.