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CFP: Scheme Implementors Workshop

		    Call For Participation

		 Scheme Implementors Workshop

		    Thursday, May 23, 1996

		     in conjunction with
  ACM/SIGPLAN International Conference on Functional Programming

	       Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


The programming language Scheme has evolved from the original
report, in December, 1975, through the R4RS, in 1991, but has
remained officially unchanged since then.  The purpose of this
workshop is to bring together the major implementors of Scheme in
order to review the state of various Scheme implementations and to
assess alternatives for the continued development of Scheme.


The Organizing Committee consists of:

Matthias Felleisen, Rice University (co-chair)
Mitchell Wand, Northeastern University (co-chair)
Olivier Danvy, Aarhus University
Daniel P. Friedman, Indiana University 
Christian Queinnec, Ecole Polytechnique & INRIA-Rocquencourt
Olin Shivers, MIT


Attendance will be by invitation only.  Potential attendees must submit a
position paper as outlined below.  

Position papers should be submitted via e-mail to Matthias Felleisen
(matthias@cs.rice.edu) by March 22, 1996.  Invitations will be
issued by the Organizing Committee by April 15, 1996.

Between April 15 and the meeting date, the Organizing Committee will engage
in e-mail discussions with the participants to settle on the agenda and
format for the meeting.

All position papers will be circulated to the participants prior to
the meeting.  We ask that the position papers be submitted in ASCII
to facilitate summary, tabulation, etc.


In your position paper, please answer the following questions:

* Identification:  name, address, e-mail, home page, etc.

* Associated implementation:

     Name/Date of latest release:
     Availability (free, commercial, GPL):
     Estimated number of sites/users:

* What are the major goals of your implementation? What are some non-goals
  of your implementation? 

* List and briefly describe the major features that distinguish
  your implementation from R4RS. Specifically list those that 
  distinguish your implementation from others. 

* What do you expect from the Scheme implementors meeting?