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Re: IEEE Standard

At  5:12 PM 8/5/94 +0100, Jeff Dalton wrote:
>I have no objection to merely reaffirming the standard, but it does
>make me wonder what the standard is for.  Is it just to keep some
>other standard from taking its place?

I know many of the Scheme Authors don't care, but most largish companies
have a rule that you can't program in a language that does not have a
language standard recognized by a recognized standards body (ANSI/ISO/...).
It allows compilers to assert that they implement the standard and groups
to write test suites for compliance testing.

Opening up the standard at this time costs people valuable time which could
go toward modules, libraries, exceptions, fluid binding, etc.,
implementations.  As we can reopen the standard at any time, it makes sense
to wait until we have something of significance (exceptions, records, etc.)
to add.