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long division and multiple values

I just implemented the R5RS ``call-with-values'' and ``values'' facilities
(according to the ``June meeting progress report'') in my VSCM system.
Before that I had something called``cons-quotient-remainder'', which was
defined to behave like:

	(define (cons-quotient-remainder x y)
	  (cons (quotient x y)
		(remainder x y)))

but which does only one division internally.  Obviously, having
``call-with-values'' this should be superseeded by something like:

	(define (/% x y)
	  (values (quotient x y)
		  (remainder x y)))

This is what I implemented right now, but I would like to know whether
there is an agreed-on naming convention for the procedure which I
tentatively called ``/%''.

Any opinions?