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Topes - a proposal

   Date:     Tue, 4 May 93 21:55:33 MET DST
   From: "J. A. Durieux" <xerox@cs.vu.nl>

   Oh, the error handling in my interpreter is incorrect.  I know this. 
   The technique works correctly with more machine-oriented versions, though,
   and I just didn't feel like catching a real continuation to jump to. 
   Actually, I don't know how to catch a top level continuation from a loaded
   file: As long as the file is loading, I am not at the top level, and there
   are too many implementations that are not properly tail recursive when it
   comes to loading files (otherwise I could have caught the continuation
   with the last statement in the file..)

LOAD is not a tail recursive procedure.  If it were, then LOAD would
be required to return the value of the last expression in the file.