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Re: question about Quasiquote

Excuse me!  Concerning my example showing the use of nested
quasiquotes, Andrew Wright pointed out:

    Unless I'm badly missing something, this example never uses non-zero
    nesting level.

Wright's right.

I've just searched through a pile of code I've written without finding
a single example that uses QUASIQUOTE non-zero nesting level.  Non-zero
nesting levels are used mainly for macro-defining macros like (beware
incoming Common Lisp syntax)

(defmacro deffrob (head tail)
  `(progn (defmacro behead (x)
            `(setf ,,head ,x))
          (defmacro betail (y)
            `(setf ,,tail ,y))))

but I don't seem to write code like this myself.