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    (a) I need to contact Norm (our editor) to find out what progress has
    been made, and maybe pitch in to help him out if he needs it.  Maybe
    Norm can post us all a note about what kind of help might be useful.

The main work I have is to divide the report into language & library,
doing something about low-level macros in the appendix, adding
multiple values, and edits for a dozen or so small issues.  There has
been some discussion on the library mailing list about the
language/library split, but none recently.  I am planning on devoting
much of April to the task of editing the report.

In recent email to me, Kent Dybvig said the exceptions committee has
made no progress, and he expects that nothing will be done for the
report.  (And until a few weeks ago, Pavel Curtis & Richard Mlynarik were
not on the exceptions mailing list.)  I would like to see some progress
on the topic of exceptions in the time remaining.  If there are
competing proposals, we could, at the very least, put those in an