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Re: Stray Birds

At 12:36 AM 93/03/02 -0500, Guillermo J. Rozas wrote:
>>   Date: Mon, 1 Mar 93 19:59:14 PST
>>   From: kend@newton.apple.com (Ken Dickey)
>>   My recollection is that the receiver in a call-with-values form has to
>>   accept the exact number of values returned by the thunk.  I certainly think
>>   that it *should* be the rule...  Anyone?
>>   -Ken                              kend@newton.apple.com

>I think the agreement was that the implicit application in
>call-with-values should be no more or no less strict than the
>application in a procedure call.

Fine.  JAR, will you put the code in the
implementor's-can-ignore-or-speed-up library?

-Ken                              kend@newton.apple.com