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Re: Stray Birds

At  7:56 PM 93/03/01 -0500, Guillermo J. Rozas wrote:
>I haven't used the HL macros, but what is wrong with the following
>(besides "exporting" define-values-helper) as a _reference_
>(define-syntax DEFINE-VALUES
>  (syntax-rules
>   ()
>   ((define-values (<name> ...) <body> ...)
>    (begin
>      (define <name> #f) ...
>      (call-with-values
>       (lambda () <body> ...)
>       (lambda all-the-values
>         (define-values-helper all-the-values <name> ...)))))))

My recollection is that the receiver in a call-with-values form has to
accept the exact number of values returned by the thunk.  I certainly think
that it *should* be the rule...  Anyone?

-Ken                              kend@newton.apple.com