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Re: (eq? eqv? eq?)

    Does R4RS require that (eq? memv? memq?) be #f?

No.  The R5RS editor should change a couple of occurrences of "is" to
"may be" to avoid suggesting the contrary:

  *  Section 6.2, first paragraph, last sentence.
  *  Section 6.2, entry for EQ?, first sentence.

Both of these concern (eq? eqv? eq?).  As for (eq? memv memq) and
(eq? assv, assq), they also could be true, but only if eqv? and eq?
behave the same.  Note that (eq? eqv? eq?) does not imply
(eq? memv memq), nor does (eq? memv memq) imply (eq? eqv? eq?).