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draft minutes of June 1992 meeting

    a predicate to project from a type to its representation
    a predicate to inject from representations to types
    a predicate to test for any user type [what does this mean?]

What this means is a procedure to test whether an object is of _any_
user-defined type, as opposed to the initial types.  In other words,
this predicate is equivalent to saying "Does a projection function
exist for this object?" .

      It was observed that
    either proposal could be implemented in portable Scheme as a
    library.  Rozas noted that Rees's proposal does not give access
    to the interaction environment, which is what most users want.

The _required_ aspects of my proposal are implementable in portable
Scheme.  The optional aspects that give access to the interaction
environment are not implementable portably (except by using LOAD, if
it is still there).