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Re: agenda for the June 25 R5RS meeting: Proposed Objection

>    Date: Mon, 27 Jul 92 13:57:07 -0400
>    From: David Kranz <kranz@lcs.mit.edu>

>                My comment about Commonlisp was not intended as a
> swipe, but as an observation.  As the core of a language grows, it
> becomes much more difficult to implement.  This adversely effects
> those of use attempting to do language work using scheme.  I could
> never do my reasearch in Commonlisp.  It would take me an extra 2
> years of implementation effort (if I didn't just give up first). 

It takes a fairly long time to implement Scheme if you implement
a good compiler.  Of course, you could start with someone else's
compiler.  But if you're allowing that sort of implementation,
the extra size of Common Lisp doesn't cost as much as you might think,
because you can start from CMU CL.

-- jd