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agenda for the June 25 R5RS meeting: Proposed Objection

   Date: Sun, 14 Jun 92 11:57:52 PDT
   From: kend@data.rain.com (Ken Dickey)

   [This is an OO proposal--sorry about the pun 8^]

   This is an 11th hour attempt to try to push "object-oriented
   programming extensions" from category 3 to category 2.  My concern is
   the "language losering problem"--loser languages winning because they
   have what is selling now, while a winning language loses because it
   does not.

   I am hopeful that the following proposal is simple enough to gain
   concensus for R^5 (well, probably R^6 but I would like it in R^5!!!).
   In any case I think we may have a lively discussion!

I believe that the adding of a OOP system of ths form to Scheme is a
bad idea.  To me it is yet one more step toward the CommonLisp-ization
of Scheme.  It is one more added feature that does nota appear to be
implementable in terms of a simple set of core Scheme primitves.  Ode
for the days when one reasonably intelligent individual could
implement a reasonably efficient and complete scheme in man weeks or
months, not man years.
Morry Katz