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George Carrette gets a brain transplant

Forgive me if all I've seen of this "My process is a
   living and evolving organism" discussion, and related matters,
is the note that JAFFER forwarded to me.

Given the politics of "computer science" and academic computer science,
I just cannot imagine what GJS can imagine, that there will be a time
when we have processes for which the data developed
   during running has taken 20 years to create."

It doesn't fit with what I've seen in terms of the ability for
for "sucessfull" people to throw out and ignore previous work.
What seems to be an absolute need for it.

On the OTHER HAND, if you are talking about COMMERCIAL applications of
computers, that is a different matter.

The only appreciation for the ability to SPLICE RUNNING DATA STRUCTURES,
and patch running things, etc, that I have seen has come
from the MILITARY and COMMERCIAL needs.


But perhaps a recongized Scheme standard could take the higher road here,
and attempt to emphasize the importance of data over elegant static
painted representations of programatic works.