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Re: local accomodations

Someone asked for suggestions for places to stay near PARC.  I thought
others might be interested too.  I recommend staying near PARC as opposed
to staying in SF Wednesday night and driving down Thursday morning --
the drive will be over an hour.  The meeting starts at 8:30, you'd
need to leave SF around 7 to be safe.



The standard places that PARC puts people up:

    Holiday Inn (nicer than an average Holiday Inn, I understand)
    625 El Camino Real, Palo Alto
    $108 single (I mentioned this was for someone coming to a business meeting
    and they said "we can give you the corporate rate".)

    Hyatt Rickey's (beware - there is also a "plain" Hyatt across the street)
    4219 El Camino Real, Palo Alto
    $130 single

    Stanford Terrace Inn
    531 Stanford Av (corner of El Camino Real)
    $95 single

    HR and HI are nicer than STI.  HR is closest to PARC, then STI, then HI.


    Hotel California (a nice B&B, small rooms)
    Corner of California Av. and Ash (California crosses El Camino Real)
    Palo Alto
    $48 single

    Motel 6
    4301 El Camino Real
    Palo Alto 
    $33 single (going up in June)