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first-class extents

[this is a slightly extended version of a small part of some
note [that I wish I hadn't] sent earlier.]

In a recent paper[1], Lee and Friedman introduce a facility called
first-class extents that allow the definition of identifiers (by using
the semantics of an identifier, the variable) with static scope and dynamic
extent. They show that their first-class extents retain most of the 
expressiveness of first-class environments and still enjoy the security
and modularity of static scope.

I don't know if there was any discussion of this work in the past,
but perhaps first-class extents should be included for discussion
in the upcoming meeting.

[1] Shinn-Der Lee And Daniel P. Friedman, "First-class extents",
    Computer Science Technical Report No. 350, Indiana University,
    Bloomington, Indiana, March 1992.

ps: a machine-readable copy of this tech report is ftp-able directly
    from cs.indiana.edu, under pub/techreports.