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EVAL proposal

   Date: Tue, 19 May 1992 14:38:44 -0400
   From: oz@sis.yorku.ca

   In a message dated Mon, 18 May 1992 10:26:29, Bill Rozas outlined
   a "compromise" proposal for eval. It seems to me that this is basically
   the first installment of a two-part effort to get first-class environments
   into a R^nRS, sort of like laying down the tracks before the locomotive
   rumbles by. I am *not* suggesting that there is anything wrong with this
   approach, but I would prefer to see this proposal be considered within
   its appearent context, rather than as if it has been made independent
   of the particulars of first-class environments.

Please do not be so insulting, and keep your attempts to read between
the lines to yourself.  Let's just discuss the issues at hand, not
the alleged motivations behind them.  If, in fact, someone does
propose to add first-class environments in RnRS, you should be able
to defeat the proposal on its own failings.  Until then, please
refrain from second-guessing other people's intentions, especially
when, by your own admission ("appearent [sic] context"), you really
aren't sure what those intentions are.