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Re: EVAL proposal

In a message dated Mon, 18 May 1992 10:26:29, Bill Rozas outlined
a "compromise" proposal for eval. It seems to me that this is basically
the first installment of a two-part effort to get first-class environments
into a R^nRS, sort of like laying down the tracks before the locomotive
rumbles by. I am *not* suggesting that there is anything wrong with this
approach, but I would prefer to see this proposal be considered within
its appearent context, rather than as if it has been made independent
of the particulars of first-class environments.

A somewhat related point: I do not know if there was any discussion
of Lee and Friedman's first-class extents[1] in the past, but perhaps 
they should be included for discussion in the upcoming meeting.

cheers...	oz
[1] Shinn-Der Lee And Daniel P. Friedman, "First-class extents",
    Computer Science Technical Report No. 350, Indiana University,
    Bloomington, Indiana, March 1992.

ps: a machine-readable copy of this tech report is ftp-able directly
    from cs.indiana.edu, under pub/techreports.
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