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r5rs meeting, update

Included below is my current tally of responses regarding the R5
meeting.  I'll call it a quorum.  If anyone disagrees, speak now!

We need someone to chair the meeting.  I nominate Chris Haynes --
are there other nominations?

The current plan is to meet 8:30 to 5, Thursday June 25, at Xerox PARC.
Xerox will provide lunch.  (Please inform me of dietary restrictions.)



Norman Adams
John M. Ashley
Joel Bartlett 
Will Clinger
Ken Dickey
Mark Friedman
Bert Halstead
Chris Hanson
Chris Haynes
Morry Katz
Richard Kelsey
Sidney Marshall
Jim Miller
Richard Mlynarik
James Philbin
John Ramsdell
Jonathan Rees
Guillermo J. Rozas

Marc Feeley    
Kent M Pitman  

Hal Abelson
Pavel Curtis
Guy Steele
Mitchell Wand
Richard P. Gabriel  ;ISO
Christian Queinnec  ;ISO
Aubrey Jaffer
David Carlton 

no information
Kent Dybvig
Dan Friedman
Gerald Sussman