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What I want in R^5RS

Here is my wish list...  (Santa are you there?)

1) Add support for multiprocessing/multitasking.  I would suggest
FUTUREs because they are high-level, they have been studied for quite
some time and can be implemented very efficiently (e.g. Mul-T and
Gambit).  Also it would be nice to have a few primitives for locking,
semaphores, etc.  Implicit forcing by strict operators would be
optional (as it is currently for promises created with DELAY).  I
suggest using the Katz/Weise semantics for continuations in the
presence of FUTUREs (see L&FP90).

2) Fix the semantics of DELAY so that it is coherent with that of FUTURE
(that is that DELAY is just like FUTURE but the task only gets started
when it is needed, i.e. FORCEd or TOUCHed).