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Scheme standard published

The IEEE Standard for the Scheme Programming Language, IEEE Std 1178-1990,
has been published.  It is available from

    IEEE Service Center
    445 Hoes Lane
    P.O. Box 1331
    Piscataway, NJ 08865-1331

or by calling 1-800-678-IEEE.  The order number is SH14209 and the price is
$40, with a 30% discount for IEEE members.  Credit cards and checks are 

Citation information follows in BiBTeX format:

	title = "IEEE Standard for the Scheme Programming Language",
	author = "{IEEE Std 1178-1990}",
	publisher = "Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc.",
	address = "New York, NY",
	year = 1991)

(The standard was approved by the IEEE Standards Board in December 1990,
and published in May 1991.)

The IEEE Working Group on Scheme has dissolved.  It should be reconstituted
within five years (less if the Scheme community perceives the need) to
reaffirm or revise the standard.  

-- Christopher Haynes
   (Past) Chair, IEEE Working Group on Scheme
   Computer Science Department, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 47405