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forward from Clyde Camp

TO: Members of the P1178 Scheme Working Group (and others)
FM: Clyde Camp
RE: Scheme Standard Approval

Congratulations guys/gals!

IEEE 1178-1990 was formally approved as an IEEE Standard on 12/6/90.

I would like to thank the Working Group members and all other
participating parties, including the RRRS Authors, for the smooth,
efficient and non-controversial (even though you may not have thought
so at times) development of the standard.  ( In fact, it was so well
done that I have used it as an example of how things *should* go with
some of the other Working Groups. :-)

The standard will automatically come up for revision, reaffirmation or
withdrawal in 1995, however you may also initiate revisions at any
time by the same process that the original standard was developed.

The Working Group is now officially discharged with thanks.  You may,
however, be called on from time to time via the Chair to formally
interpret a question on the standard which has been made to the IEEE.

Once again, Thanks for a job well done.