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Scheme Standard ballot results

The results of ballot 1178/D4 on the IEEE "Standard for the SCHEME
Programming Language" were as follows:

	31 Affirmative
	 4 Negative
	21 Abstentions

with an 82% response rate and 88% affirmative response rate (not 
including abstentions).  With this response, the standard easily
passes ballotting.

The draft standard editors are now making minor revisions based on
feedback from both the negative and affirmative ballots.  Though these
changes are felt to be editorial, rather than "substantive", the
revised version will be recirculated to the ballotting group with the
negative ballots and comments on the revisions.  Unless there are
serious objections to the recirculated draft, it is expected that the
IEEE Standards Board will approve the Scheme standard at its December
meeting.  The standard would then be published and available from the
IEEE early in 1991.

-- Christopher Haynes
   Chair, IEEE Working Group on Scheme