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list of implementations

I'm still maintaining a list of available Scheme implementations.
Before I re-announce its existence on the Scheme list, I thought I'd
send a message here asking implementors to check to make sure that the
information in the file is up to date.  The file is

      zurich.ai.mit.edu:  pub/scheme/scheme-impls.txt

It has information on:

    MacScheme         1-7-87
    PC Scheme	      11-12-85
    MIT Scheme	      1-17-90
    T		      1-16-87
    Chez Scheme	      10-30-87
    Elk		      1-17-90
    Scheme->C	      1-11-89
    skim	      12-27-87
    SIOD	      6-8-88
    Pseudoscheme      1-16-90
    Scheme84	      ?-?-85
    Vincennes Scheme  ?-?-85

If you do want to revise an entry, please mail me a new version.  Try
to keep entries under 60 lines.

If anyone has information on any other implementations, particularly
XScheme, please let me know.