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IEEE Scheme standard meeting announcement

The Fourth meeting of the IEEE/MSC/P1178 Working Group on Scheme will
be held from 1:30pm until about 5:30pm (continuing in the evening if
really necessary) on January 19, 1990, in the California Room of the
Cathedral Hill Hotel, Van Ness at Geary, San Francisco, California.
This follows the conclusion, at 12:30pm in the same hotel, of the
Principles of Programming Languages conference.

The main agenda item will be discussion of the third draft of the
standard, which has just been completed.  Those on the working group
mailing list will receive a copy soon.  Others may request copies from
me by email (chaynes@iuvax.cs.indiana.edu) or by writing:

Christopher Haynes
Department of Computer Science
Indiana University
Bloomington, Indiana 47405